What is Seed Warts

Seed Warts

Seed Warts are in a general way seen on the fingers and the hands; nevertheless, they can also emerge in the other areas of your body. Warts can be treated so there should be no panic of not being able to remove it in the long run.

Seed warts are mainly prevailing in children and younger adults. It is because their immune system is not yet fully developed making them an easy victim for HPV.

Foods rich in Vitamins A, C, and E, can build the immune system of your children. Apart from that, make sure that food is served most cleanly.

Various researchers on seed warts claim that it may fade away even without proper treatment. At least 20% fade away in a year’s time and 60% in two year’s season.
But you can always seek the assistance of a dermatologist if your wart has been giving you mental, social or health problems.

Following are some of the treatments a dermatologist will recommend:

Oral Drugs: These are doctor prescribed medications, which can be in the form of a tablet or ointment.

Cryotherapy: Known as freezing, the spread, and growth of the wart is kept at bay by the use of liquid nitrogen to treat the wart.

The Laser or Electro Surgical Treatment: This method requires warts to be burned and is only recommended if the warts are not responding to the types of treatments. It is better to submit yourself to a doctor who has more knowledge in this matter.

Herbal medications and salicylic acid plaster patch are the other options in treating these warts.



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