Things To Look For In Assisted Living Residences

Assisted Living Residences

This article looks at the various factors that you need to consider when searching for the best-assisted living residences for your specific requirements and preferences. Assisted living is a kind of arrangement for senior citizens who need assistance with dressing, eating, medication management, bathing, toileting and other similar daily living activities. The living arrangements are almost similar to the independent living style except for the presence of aides who provide help.

However, this is different from the retirees who need continuous nursing care and therefore stay in nursing homes. Related to assisted living are Alzheimer’s facilities, which are specially designed for people with cognitive impairment and therefore require assistance in some of their daily activities. But how do you choose among the various assisted living residences that are available?

There are various important factors to look into when evaluating assisted living residences, such as those provided by Assisted Living Concepts and Grace Assisted Living. First of all, there are the monthly expenses to check and how they will fit into the budget. You will also need to determine if a deposit is required. Some of the factors that you have to consider include the atmosphere, the services and activities, the equipment and amenities, and safety.

Assisted Living Residences

Best Way To Find Assisted Living Residences

Do not forget to examine the types of housing that are available, the conditions that will force a resident to leave the community, the kinds of services that are provided and the corresponding fees, the actions that the management will take when a resident is no longer able to come up with the payments, the refund policy if you request for a termination of the care services, the possibilities for a modification in the kind of care, and whether the housing units are furnished.

Retirement communities have been traditionally located in places where the climate is warm. However, as more and more members of the baby boomer generation retire, even the states that have cold winters have become interested in providing these services. Also, while many elderly people prefer warm climates, some retirees prefer regions where there are four seasons.

One example is West Virginia, which has hot summers and cold winters. Retirement communities for assisted living in this state include Virtual Retirement, A Place of Mom, ElderCarelink, Care Pathways, ComfortKeepers, Edgewood Summit, National Center for Assisted Living, the Bayberry A Retirement Inn, Connolly Manor and Retirement Homes of North America.

Assisted living residences are maintained either by for-profit or non-profit organizations. Some retirees may choose the latter as providers because the bottom line is caring and not profit. Members of the board of trustees of such organizations are volunteers. However, this does not mean that you should not evaluate the different facilities and services.

It may also be helpful if your choice of residence has arrangements with nursing homes so that it is easy for a resident to transfer to another kind of facility if there is no change in his or her condition. For example, if the retiree’s health deteriorates and now requires continuous monitoring, transfer to the nursing home is much easier and faster because the owners are the same.


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