How Does One Get Rid Of Warts?

Get Rid Of Warts

Warts can be annoying especially if it is an exposed part of your body where it is prone to be touched, bumped, and seen all the time. Different kinds of warts can grow on different parts of our body. So it is very important to get rid of warts.

Warts are caused by an HPV virus that loves moist and warm places, especially in scratches on your feet or hands and even in small cuts to any part of your body. It is a good thing, and warts can be removed. Here are some ways on how to get rid of your warts:

Prescribed Medicine

It is best to consult your doctor on how to remove your warts. Usually, the doctor would give you a prescribed medicine for warts removal. Topical creams for warts removal usually takes a full few weeks for warts to be removed. But like pimple creams, it may not work in all cases.

Laser Treatment

The laser is the most common treatment that dermatologists provide in removing warts. Laser treatment, being expensive, is usually when all other options fail to remove warts. Laser treatment is repeated sometimes for permanently getting rid of warts.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Warts

Electrocautery Treatment

Electrocautery treatment is another means of removing warts by dermatologists. It uses electricity to burn warts up to its roots. Since this procedure is very painful, dermatologists usually apply topical anesthesia to the skin where the warts are located.

Garlic Treatment

Garlic treatment is a type of home remedy for the removal of warts. Garlic is usually crushed and rubbed directly on warts. Then cover it with a bandage. It is recommended to apply garlic to your warts every day. Warts will blister and eventually fall off.

Vinegar Treatment

Vinegar Treatment is another example of a home remedy where you can get rid of warts. Use a cotton loaf and soak it with vinegar. Tape the cotton ball using a bandage to the part where your wart is.

Papaya Sap Treatment

Unripe papaya can digest the dead tissue of warts. Make a small cut on the surface of the papaya and take the sap. Make a thick sap by mixing the papaya sap collected with water. Papaya sap is a known enzyme that can burn skin tissue. Apply the mixture every morning and evening. The papaya enzyme will digest the dead skin cells and eventually remove warts.

These are the most common treatment of warts. Of course, prevention is always the best cure. To prevent from having warts, make sure not to wear public sandals. Do not share socks, razor, and towels with anyone especially to someone who has a history of wart infections.

This site has been created to help educate you on all your questions about warts and wart treatments as well as wart treatment product reviews of many of the best wart treatment options that are available to you.


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