Best Natural Cures For Wart Removal

Common Molluscum Contagiosum Remedies

Before buying that expensive ointment for wart removal, try these home remedies that have been proven to get naturally rid of warts. There are different kinds of warts. Some medications and treatment usually work for some, and some don’t. Here are some of the natural cures to get rid of warts:


Garlic is top most popular natural wart removal options. Try crushing some fresh garlic and rubbing it directly on your warts. The main goal is to build blisters on your warts. This process will make your warts shed off some dead skin around the blisters until it will become smaller and thinner each week. Try to put some petroleum jelly surrounding warts to avoid getting the surrounding skin burnt.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the best alternative natural wart removal if you do not have any Castrol oil at home. Try to make a paste by grounding a vitamin C tablet with water. Once you get a nice paste consistency, dab it on your warts. Vitamin C has the high acidity that can fight off the HPV and should eventually eliminate your warts.


Papaya is another natural cure agent for warts removal. All you need is an unripe papaya, cut it on the surface, and allow the sap to run out. Try to collect and coagulate the sap with water and apply it directly to your warts every morning and evening. The papaya produces an enzyme that could digest dead tissue, which is perfect to get rid of warts.

Castrol oil

Castrol oil has been a proven natural agent in curing warts. Just rub Castrol oil on your warts every day until it breaks down. It makes the hard and dead tissue of warts moist causing it to shed off.


Basil has a natural virus-killing agent that is effective in getting rid of your warts. Just crush fresh basil and cover it on your warts with a waterproof tape. Try to do this daily for a week.

Dandelion Sap

Break the stem of a dandelion and drip the sap on your wart. Try to do it daily. The sap irritates your skin, thus, stimulating the immune system. It triggers the immune system to fight off your warts and eventually get rid of them in time.

These natural wart removal methods are worth trying before buying expensive ointments. Another natural treatment option that many of the above natural ingredients are Wartrol, which is a homeopathic medicine and is considered one of the safest to use on warts.


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